Dr. Ellis is an artist of the mind & body. She specializes in Kemetic Yoga & Vinyasa Flow (250 hour Certified Yoga Teacher).

Kemetic Yoga  with Dr. Auburn:                                                                 Thursdays 5:30pm (Kemetic Yoga)                                                            Yoga Patch                                    

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On-site & corporate packages available upon request.

Merging Art & Yoga Studio practice...

As artists of the African Diaspora, it is our duty to use traditional mediums to relay our stories and reflect cultural issues. Creativity has been a mode of knowing & doing for people of this Diaspora since before Ancient Kemet.  When using the term Diaspora, it refers to people of color worldwide displaced from Africa during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. I noted that in contemporary society, there are many indigenous traditions and Rights of Passage that have been removed from our people.  Inherent remnants of these cultural artifacts exist in contemporary society; examples include patterns in yoga, dance, music, language, and artistic practice.  The Art, Dance Yoga KC Team strive to bring creativity, culture & commerce to the Troost Midtown Corridor by restoring these remnants.

As an artist, avid yogi educator & researcher my work seeks to bridge gaps between international communities through art of the body and mind. Art is reflective of human experiences we all share, creating a global language.  My portfolio tells stories that emerged from Diasporic research in 3 continents & over 10 countries. I work with themes & series to create a meaning context, which re-defines historic practice & transcends contemporary boundaries. 

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Coming back to the stage....

Kimberlyn Jones, a Kansas City native, strives to make a difference in the Kansas City area in educating and transforming the lives of our children and young adults through the art of dance. She is her mantra, "in the community, by the community, for the community".  In 2015, she put KCMDT on hold. Join her in a standing ovation as she comes back to join the Art Dance Yoga KC Team! Click here for more details.