The moon is full from all sides of the Earth. That’s the only comfort I have while traveling to remote places. The thought crosses my mind that NO ONE in the world knows where I am except the individuals I’m traveling with.  I have been traveling the countryside for the past couple of days in the outlaying areas away from Dhaka the capitol city. It has been quite the experience to say the least. Searing  heat continues to beat down as the days progress, my head wrapped to protect me from it. The first day started with a train arrival at 5am. The streets were peaceful as we traveled via rickshaw (taxi) to a village. On the way to the village, we stopped frequently to take photos of banana trees, jackfruit, mangoes, and other local crops. There are a lot of goats, cows, geese and roosters as well. The river is beautiful with the dawning of the sun.


When we arrive, I walk into the home of a local villager. There is no way for me to describe the home in a way you would understand, so please defer to the pictures included. Soon we moved deeper into the village. In this particular area the people are basket weavers, a tradition that has been passed down since the beginning of time. These culturally grounded traditions are amazing to witness. Villages are the complete dichotomy of anything we experience in a city. Living day to day with no mail, little technology or modern conveniences;  people getting nothing but their most basic needs met. It is hard to image that this even exists in 2013. This is nothing like the world we know. This simple existence is all they know. I envy their functional yet artistic abilities and connection to their ancestors. Preservation of culture is definitely something that is missing in America.

Traveling from place to place I witnessed so many towns. Its amazing how many people are living this simple, productive life. Natives peer at my map, intrigued because they have never seen one and have no need for it. To end the day I visited the silk factory.  Butterflies and moths are bred, trapped and boiled to produce the finest silk you will ever encounter. Although the process saddened me, I had to take advantage of the opportunity for these products. There is some essential to living simply, loving life, appreciating existence.  Being in this environment helps me remember how easy it all really is to live-but how complicated we make it based on our Western mindsets.  We are distracted from what is truly important.  Live simply, artistically and love endlessly.