In the dark, or the light the journey to Shanti Bari (Peace House) is anything but dull.  Down the path, across the bamboo bridge, past the banana trees, lemons, pineapples, and around the rain soaked leaves, this beautiful farmland is a great place to find yourself.  At night, the sky is littered with stars as far as the eye can see.  There are no street lights or cities to obstruct the view. Modern civilization is far away and you are forced to engage with the universe.  In this bamboo hut, the rain can be heard clearly and it brings a peace of mind that many never take the time to indulge in.

Fruit from the countryside absolutely ruins any chance of me enjoying hybrid shipped fruit in the States ever again. Fresh picked pineapple from Shanti Bari’s farmland does not even resemble or taste similar to what we know as fruit at home.

The children that live in the village near the Peace House come to play with me each day. We exchange minimal dialogue and take pictures together. They love drawing pictures of Shanti Bari. A lot of village children have never had crayons, so this experience is special for them.  They are quite proud of the few English words they know including “hi, how are you” and “I’m fine”.  They know more in English than I know in Bengali, so I am impressed.  I am also impressed by their drawings; straight lines, neatly colored, great attention to detail! Art transcends age, experience, time and culture barriers.