Day two in the countryside gave way to new adventure.  After a few hours of bus riding and a rickshaw, I arrive at a remote area that seems untouched by modern civilization.  There is a Buddhist Temple built into the hillside that can be seen from miles around.  Built in the 8th century, it is called the Moon Abode (home of the moon) and it is surrounded by raised stones on all sides.   Visiting this sacred space I can imagine the Monks going about their daily duties on the grounds.  The structure is similar to a pyramid, but the entryways are shaped in a traditional Buddhist fashion.  The panels that line the bricks are covered with terra cotta relief sculptures depicting Buddha and other animals and religious references.  While visiting this space, I feel the peace and tranquility that the space was meant to illicit.  This place is so far from modernity; there are no tourists, few visitors, the sacredness and quiet in maintained to this day.