There are many differences experienced in Asia and even more differences between countries.  Although Hong Kong and Bangladesh are on the same continent, the dichotomies of these cultures are vast. It is really quite hard for me to find similarities other than sharing a continent.  The biggest similarity, however is having been affected by colonialism and foreign rule.  Hong Kong, as mentioned previously is a booming capitalist city which has adopted a very Western style of living. Imperial China only lasted until 1911 when they were forced to open their borders to the world.  After a stint of Japanese occupation, the country was under British rule until 1997.  Less than 20 years of independence is quite evident in street names (Queen’s Highway, Hollywood) and even the name of the highest point and most famous attraction in Hong Kong (Victoria’s Peak).  So what are the long term affects of colonialist rule? We are all to familiar with thatas people of color in the United States.  It is imperative to consider how our mindsets are affected by those who violently impose themselves on the culture of others.