It was my last full day and night here.  Just a side note, there is no visa required to go to Hong Kong (like there was for Bangladesh), but Immigration limits your stay to 7 days without penalty.  Tried to wake up to a little Pandora only to get the notification: “Pandora is not available in this country”…. guess I will get up and get moving! Today’s excursion took me across the entire Central Area of the island of Hong Kong. I started with a walk down Hollywood Road, sifting through antiques for the perfect find. There is hardly any flat land here, the streets are sometimes difficult to travel because of their vertical nature. The mid-level escalators boast a completely different part of the city which is not quite as high as Victoria’s Peak. I traveled almost 45 minutes of escalators situated outside and located in the middle of the city. They pass homes, restaurants, and shopping rivaling any other city on the globe.


I stopped at IFC mall, which is four floors andlarger than many malls I’ve visited in the United States. Any store you can possibly think of is located here. It is packed with visitors. I even spotted a Garrett’s popcorn which apparently is located not only here, but in Dubai as well! Capitalism is alive and well here. I headed over to the Star Ferry for a night ride across the Harbor to view the skyline. Every night there is a light show called Symphony of Lights! Spectacular!  A group of buildings in the center of the city sparkle and shine with a spectrum of light and color.  These sights will not soon be forgotten.