Sunrise again and I am up with my camera ready to go.  For this trip I am committing to trying new things, starting with an oil pulling cleanse each morning. This is an ancient Indian practice of swishing any oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes before brushing or eating; I’m using coconut oil.  It clears toxins from the body, and increases metabolism.  I’m now ready for the other side of the world.  After a cup of fresh ginger tea, it’s time to change over money and explore the streets of Dhaka, the capital city.  I am going to begin working on some photographs for a published Bangladesh travel booklet and am very excited for that!

I am finding a sort of peace here.  It’s a serene space away from contemporary American society, which is quite refreshing.  If it’s quiet enough I can hear the Call To Prayer.  It happens five times a day…a monotone voice throughout the streets and the reminder to face Mecca-which is West.  I have always heard that you pray to the East but that is yet another view taken from Western mindsets. It is monsoon season so it rains often, which breaks the searing heat and humidity.  While shopping in an antique store the electricity goes out.  Apparently in the summer this can happen up to four times a day.  It’s called load-shedding, yet another thing to get used to in the developing world.  If you do not have the money for a generator in your home, plan accordingly for the lights and other amenities being out.  As we explore the city I am fascinated by the cultural traditions of artmaking that surround me.  Today I witnessed printmaking, the production of dyes, and a student gallery at a local university.  Art is the language of the world and I am grateful everyday to be affluent in this dialect of sorts.